Hello, I am Justine, founder and therapist of The Feel Good Studio. I’m a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, Hypnobirthing practitioner and Meditation Teacher on the Northern Beaches and Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. I am humbled to be one of the most highly recommended therapists on the Northern Beaches Mums fb page (over 20,000 members) by local Northern Beaches women.


I thoroughly enjoy working with clients to gently lift away layers of stress, overwhelm and limiting beliefs, so a happier, more confident person emerges. Teaching you how to use your own resources to connect to inner peace and calm is a privilege. 


​​Gaining the best qualifications is important to me as is my life long commitment to learning and developing my skills, so each and every client I see, feels assured that they are receiving the most up to date and professional services possible.


I am passionate about seeing you THRIVE 

A Little About Me Personally...

My earlier years were complex and challenging for a number of reasons and 'parental mental health issues,' were one of the contributing factors. At the age of 7, a family friend introduced me to Buddhist monks who took me took me under their wing and taught me to meditate. Every week for a couple of years, I would bring my freshly picked flowers and mandarins from our backyard tree and attend the North Sydney Buddhist Centre. I learned so much more than how to meditate. I embraced ritual, compassion, connection and stillness but most importantly self-acceptance. It was a tremendous gift.


Once I had completed high school, I began studying natural therapies at Nature Care College in Sydney. However, fate intervened and I was offered a role in magazines, and the Media industry became my home for the next couple of decades. It was an exceptional opportunity, because here, I honed my professionalism, communication skills and creativity. Coupled with integrity and authenticity, these skills and beliefs are what shape the foundation of The Feel Good Studio today.


During my time in corporate, I had to learn how to manage the highs and lows of life as a working Mum and the enormous stress, guilt and lack of a balanced life that juggling too many balls creates. Eventually, a reminder knocked on my door that required me to provide support, seek out the best therapeutic modalities and ease the pain and suffering of someone close to me. Finally it became time to get back to what I was called to do. So, I sought the best government accredited courses I could find and studied, qualified, gained experience and then when the time was right, I founded The Feel Good Studio. I continue to expand upon my education in addition to attending monthly supervision so my clients can be assured of the best, most up to date care I can offer.

I understand first hand the challenges in life from many different angles and therefore provide a depth of empathy and compassion that cannot be taught in a classroom. 


Providing therapy, retreats and courses to help you feel good is my driving passion.


Delivering support, tools and the best techniques that see you embrace a life that is full of vibrancy, happiness and joy is at the core of The Feel Good Studio. 

"I can't speak highly enough of Justine. I went to see her armed with baggage, insecurities and phobias, detailing areas I felt I needed to address and she welcomed me without judgement and made me feel at ease immediately. Justine has an incredible way of guiding a person through their issues without any pressure. I was given the correct tools to use in any given situation to help me overcome my fears and anxieties. I can now get on a plane knowing that I have the ability to be calm, safe and in control of my state of mind. I have also referred a family member to see Justine and the outcome was a great result. I would highly recommend Hypnotherapy and advise anyone to go with an open mind and a willingness to adapt for the better. Thank you Justine, you have helped me in all aspects of my life and not just the issues I went for. You have given me my power back. Thank You!" Simone Jones

My Qualifications and Memberships:

Australian College of Hypnotherapy

Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy (Govt. Accredited)



Australian College of Hypnotherapy

Diploma of Neuro Linguistic Programming (Govt. Accredited)



Hypnobirthing Australia

Certified Hypnobirthing Australia Educator

Adore Yoga

Meditation Facilitators Certificate (Yoga Australia & Yoga Alliance Accredited)


Nature Care College

Reiki Level 2

Certified by the International Medical and Dental Association

Professional Member – Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists

Current Police and Working with Children checks

The Story Behind Our Beautiful Butterfly Logo

From a distance, you can see a butterfly which represents transformation and the ability to dance as if they have not a care in the world. Its wings are filled with an abundance of flowers that reflect joy, hope and individual beauty - just like each one of my clients. When you look a little closer, you see a mirror image of a face. I chose this because when my clients come to see me, with the help of Clinical Hypnotherapy, they peer deeply into themselves and that takes courage. However, in time what they see when they truly look within is so beautiful they can’t help but bloom. When you zoom in, there is a subtle galaxy on each face that illustrates the night sky because our minds are like a universe and our potential is as endless as our inner beauty. 

The Feel Good Studio makes no claims and is not a substitute for medical advice. Please contact your Doctor or health care professional as a matter of urgency if you are feeling unwell or experiencing feelings of depression.

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