Start Date: 2020 dates coming soon.

Duration: 3 Hour Workshop

Where: Tramshed Arts and Community Centre, Narrabeen.

Tickets can be purchased by clicking here.

Enjoy the soothing touch of clay and discover your inner creativity mindfully.

Meditate With Clay is a 3 hour workshop that brings together the therapeutic benefits of Mindfulness Meditation with the tactile, relaxing and soothing nature of clay.

Here, you can enjoy time for yourself, laugh and connect with others and unwind whilst releasing feelings, creativity, thoughts and hopes into the responsiveness of clay. You'll also learn mindfulness meditation so you can easily connect to calm.

"Clay is a magic medium where it has the ability to grasp feelings that may seem intangible. It is earthy & primal and brings us back to our inner child where we can play and be more spontaneous." When we couple this with learning and practising new found skills mindfulness meditation, we can discover a deeper sense of wellbeing.

With the guidance Justine Williams, Meditation teacher & therapist and Nadia Cowell, Artist and yoga teacher, this course will provide a weekly break that is uplifting and enjoyable. 


During the workshop, you will:


- Learn mindfulness meditation and how to tap into creativity easily.


- You will explore your inner creativity, as you form and shape your clay into your own expression.

- Have some fun. Laughter is guaranteed. 

This course is suitable for everyone from young adults, Mum, Dads to the elderly. You do not need a creative bone in your body or meditation experience. All materials provided, except that we ask you to bring along an apron or shirt and a bottle of water.


The Feel Good Studio makes no claims and is not a substitute for medical advice. Please contact your Doctor or health care professional as a matter of urgency if you are feeling unwell or experiencing feelings of depression.

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