Caring, personalised therapy. Feel fulfilled and supported whilst gaining positive new resources and a happier mindset.


Hello, I am Justine

and I specialise in the treatment of stress, overwhelm, anxiety and phobia's, helping you to feel calm, happy and restored quickly. I am a therapist & meditation teacher and I create deeply relaxing retreats, workshops and soon to be released online products to keep you floating along in life.


When our stress levels are high, we can tend to get angry at the kids, feel sad and experience anxiety, lose that connection with our partner and friends, feel fed up, experience lack of sleep and feel generally unhappy and lost.


To support you, my chosen modalities are, Clinical Hypnotherapy and Meditation. These proven therapies gently aim to provide relief to your non-serving thought patterns, habits and fears whilst feeling uplifting and deeply relaxing. Consider this a profound opportunity to redefine and re-establish your life on your own terms, intentionally.

If you agree it's time to create some inner peace and balance, my range of practical tools will support you to not just live in the real world, but to embrace life fully and joyfully.  


I am professionally accredited and support you with:


One - on - One Clinical Hypnotherapy sessions

The monthly 2 Hour Express Retreat™ - Northern Beaches

Meditate With Clay - An afternoon workshop

Creating happier healthier mindsets is so important and something you deserve. 



What Is Coming Up


Friday, 18th October at 7pm

Qi Yoga, Freshwater

Click on the image for more information and tickets

"Justine's passion and ability fires this power to make anything possible"

Juliette Warren

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